Chuck Klosterman & Jonathan Franzen Attempt A Google Hangout

Jonathan: Hello? Chuck? Are you there?

Chuck: Hold on.

J: I can hear you but I can’t see you.

C: I think I have to download a plug-in for this to work properly.

J: I see you now! But you’re not moving! Is your computer frozen? Or are you just really still?

C: Sorry, man. My computer froze. Had to restart. Can you see me? I can see you.

J: It says you’re not available to hangout. How can you see me?

C: Oh, wait, is this the old screen? Which screen are you in?

J: Why don’t we reboot our computers at the same time and try again?

C: Okay, rebooting now.

J: Hello? I’m back. Are you?

C: I never left.

J: I didn’t either.

C: Okay, okay, I think it’s working. I can see you. Can you see me?

J: I think that’s you. Did you get a haircut?

C: No. Does it look like I did? I haven’t taken a shower yet this morning. Maybe that’s it.

J: I think you froze again. Hello? Should we just Skype?

C: I’m here. It’s working. I was trying to click on these icons along the side. What are they?

J: Are you on a Mac? That’s your app dock.

C: I’m on a Linux machine, actually.

J: Does that have FaceTime? Should we try that?

C: Hang on a sec, I’ve got FedEx knocking at my door.

J: OK.

Chuck Klosterman has left the Hangout.

J: Chuck, did you mean to do that?

Chuck Klosterman has rejoined the Hangout.

J: Welcome back!

Chuck Klosterman has left the Hangout.

J: This was fun.