The American Cornetto Trilogy


Unfocused Pictures is proud to announce that it has begun production on its American adaptation of Edgar Wright’s “Cornetto Trilogy,” better known to moviegoers as the films Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End. In cooperation with Wonderland Sound and Vision, Unfocused Pictures will be filming the entire trilogy back-to-back, so as to preserve stylistic continuity and protect our artistic vision.

Popular and talented American director McG will be helming the series. McG is no stranger to the work of Edgar Wright, having attempted an adaptation of the Brit’s cult television show Spaced. McG promises that he’s the right man for the job: “Given that I successfully filmed an American pilot of Spaced, I think I’m more than qualified to adapt this Ice Cream Trilogy. I’m more in tune with the British way of thinking, which can be quite jarring and peculiar to outsiders. Sometimes it’s like they’re speaking an entirely different language. I’m just here to translate.”

Broadway star Josh Gad will be filling the mighty shoes of actor Nick Frost. Gad will be taking on the roles of Frost’s Ed from Shaun of the Dead, Danny from Hot Fuzz and Andy from The World’s End. Gad explains why he thinks the movies will feel fresh for an American audience: “I haven’t seen the original films, which I think will really benefit me as we shoot this trilogy. I can come at it with a new perspective. I even turned down Nick’s offer to meet, because I just want to go in untainted and make it my own.”

Of course, there are even bigger shoes to fill on set: namely, those of leading man Simon Pegg. After Pegg declined to reprise his roles of Shaun, Nicholas and Gary, American mega-star Seth Green — hot off the ratings success of his FOX sitcom Dads — jumped at the opportunity to delight audiences. He says, “I’ve been a huge fan of Wright’s since I saw him in the reboot of Shaft, and when you throw in the chance to work with McG, it was impossible to say no. There’s a reason they call him the Millennial Scorsese.”

In order to pay respects to the original trilogy and minimize confusion amongst audiences, we have seized upon new naming opportunities for these exciting American movies. Unfocused Pictures is thrilled to announce the new titles of each film, as well as their release dates:

September 11, 2014: Ben of the Dead
August 20, 2015: Hot Dicks
October 1, 2016: Bro-Down

Finally, we would like to announce an exciting new partnership with Good Humor-Breyers, a division of Unilever, who have acquired the naming rights to our new trilogy, henceforth known as The Choco Taco Trilogy. Just as the Choco Taco is jam-packed with reduced-fat vanilla ice cream, artificially flavored fudge, peanuts, and milk chocolate, so will The Choco Taco Trilogy be jam-packed with comedy, action, romance, horror, police hijinks, and fun-but-sensible alcoholic consumption.

The Choco Taco Trilogy is now filming in Vancouver.

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