The Adam Levine Collection

As many of you know, we here at Carroll und Klinger have a PASSION for FASHION. And let us tell you, there’s nothing the fashion world is talking about more than the new Adam Levine Collection at K-Mart. Finally, there are fashionable yet affordable clothing options available for men — and you can pick them up while buying your son a WWE Brawlin’ Buddy or buying your daughter some hair ties.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of our favorite pieces in Levine’s new collection:


This long-sleeve henley t-shirt will be all the rage at MLK parties in 2014. The shirt says, “It’s cold outside, baby. But Spring is just around the bend, baby. Yeah, I said baby twice.” Available exclusively in maroon.


Nothing says “I’m rich and powerful” like a pair of medical scrubs. While most doctors like to leave their gear at work, the Adam Levine Collection encourages its members to wear such clothing out in social settings … even if you’re not actually a doctor. Available exclusively in maroon.


Are you comfortable with your body? Show it with these amazingly comfortable pants, part of a new trend that Adam has dubbed “The Loosie Caboosie Movement.” Sweatpants are out. Chic loose botooms are in. Available exclusively in maroon.


While young hip hoppers seem to think pants falling down are all the rage, Adam is bringing a fresh new idea to the table: hoisting your pants up. And if you’re going to hoist your pants up, why not do it in style? This belt comes with a variety of holes in different places and sizes — perfect for strapping it in at whatever angle you please. Available exclusively in maroon.


We’ll be the first to admit: it’s pretty hard to know if trucker hats are cool or passé. We typically leave such decisions up to Ashton Kutcher, but why not let Adam Levine get a say? He’s the star of The Voice, after all. Adam says trucker hats are back, baby, so strap ‘em up and start punk’n your peeps. Available exclusively in maroon.


Tighty Whiteys are out. Teeny Levineys are in! If you want to keep your junk as well-positioned as Adam Levine’s, you better shove your balls into these briefs. Available exclusively in maroon.


We all have that feeling: you wake up and just don’t want to wear clothes that day. Adam Levine is here to say, “That’s OK. Just paint your clothes on.” Available exclusively in maroon.


The Amsterdammer ain’t your typical dildo, baby! Its sleek design and girthy body were made with men in mind. Better yet, it doubles as a decorative accent or groovy hat rack! Whether it’s in your butt or on your nightstand, this rubber rod oozes style. Available exclusively in maroon.


Tube socks are typically pretty boring. But just look at the flair that singer/designer Adam Levine introduces to a staid product. They’re hard to recognize, aren’t they? Available exclusively in maroon.