How To Become A Facebook Ninja!

There’s no better way to manage your personal brand on Facebook than through your profile picture. As the old Chinese proverb says, “Your Facebook avatar is a window to your soul.” With that in mind, we’re gonna show you how to manage your profile picture and cover photo in a way that makes your Facebook page relevant, timely and fun.


Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 8.31.37 AM.png.37 AM

January is a time to remember the deaths of two important men: Martin Luther King, Jr. and Dick Clark.


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Celebrate Black History Month by posting photos of your favorite African-American actors.


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Get ready for St. Patty’s Day by showing your FB friends that you like to party!


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Everyone will be doing stuff for April Fool’s Day, so why not change it up by celebrating Mathematics Awareness Month! In addition to changing your cover photo, mix in some hilarious math puns that are sure to make your friends ROFL. For example: How does a math teacher propose to his girlfriend? With a polynomial ring!


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Memorial Day is this month, so that’s definitely the holiday you should commemorate in your cover image!


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Did you know that June is National Turkey Lovers Month? I did!



God Bless America and all who inhabit Her.



There’s nothing really happening in August, so it’s a good time to post something zany and fun that shows off your personality!



Nothing says Back to School like a No. 2 pencil!


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Election Day is right around the corner, so remind your friends and followers that Barack Hussein Obama is a socialist out to destroy America.


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Thanksgiving is boring. Start prepping for Christmas NOW!


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While it’s easy to get wrapped up in Christmas, make sure you pay proper respects to everyone who has served our country by honoring those lives lost in the attacks on Pearl Harbor.