Instructions for Audio Learners #4

In episode four of Instructions for Audio Learners, Melissa Wyse audibly demonstrates how to build IKEA’s Markor buffet.

Melissa is a writer from Maryland. You can visit her author page here.

Please note: this podcast is in no way affiliated with IKEA. We’re just really big fans!

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Meme, Inc.

Our biggest fans are well-aware that while Nick and I love writing, we’re entrepreneurs at heart. And while we’re thrilled with the runaway success of Are You Funny, Incorporated, we recently got the itch to start another business. We’re announcing that new company today!

It’s called Meme, Inc. What is Meme, Inc.? Well, Nick and I believe that memes are more than just funny images for people to share on Reddit. Memes are funny images that corporations should be utilizing to push their products. After all, a meme is just a television commercial, minus the moving images, music, dialogue, and (until now) corporate message.

We’re anxious to sign our first clients, so we’ve put together the below portfolio. None of these companies are clients of ours. We’ve just taken it upon ourselves to make mock-up ads. And we’re sure these companies will be flocking to buy them! Trust us, we’ve both seen every episode of Mad Men. We know what we’re doing.




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Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!


One year ago yesterday, we posted our very first piece to the site. It was called I Took Kate Upton To Prom And All I Got Was This Lousy Blog Post. We learned that day that people love to search for Kate Upton on the internet, as the first post on our new blog got more hits than it had any business receiving. A day later, we announced the site to the world (a.k.a. our parents).

We’ve put out three days of content every week since then, and before we get started on another year of that, we wanted to pause to say how much we love doing this and how much we appreciate your reading our work. OK, that’s enough sincerity for now. We’ll give that a try again in another year.

If you’re a relatively new reader, or just down for revisiting some “classics,” here’s some of our favorite work from year one:

We’re celebrating the conclusion of our first year with what every web site writer dreams of: bumper stickers! That’s right, we have a small order of JOHN AND NICK DOT COM bumper stickers right here at our desks, and we’d like to give them out to our biggest fans. Willing to stick our faces on your car, laptop, boat, or other public-facing vehicle or machine? Write us with your mailing address.

Thanks again for reading. Check back Tuesday for more great* content.

* Greatness not guaranteed.