Corporate Synergy At Its Best

We’re disappointed to share that Buzzfeed has rejected yet another piece of ours (previously: 1, 2, 3, 4). Nick and I REFUSE to be silenced, so, as usual, we’re posting it here instead:

There’s nothing we love more than corporate synergy. And one of our favorite bits of brand-strengthening synergy exists between the ABC Network and their corporate parents at Disney. Every year, we seem to be treated to a great mash-up when our favorite characters from our favorite ABC shows vacation at a Disney Resort. Here’s a list of our most beloved ABC/Disney adventures:


Our favorite sitcom of all-time, The Middle, visited Disney World just this past year!



As did our favorite drama of all-time, Scandal!



Who could forget when Cory and Shawn of Boy Meets World met the Beast?

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Go Dom Go!


Our good friend Fat Dom is currently running for mayor of Romer, PA. When he asked us if he could run one of his ads on our site, we couldn’t possibly turn him down.

Best of luck, Dom! Get out the vote, John and Nick fans!

No New Content Today

GoodbyeNKWe are sad to announce that we are not running new content today due to the unfortunate and untimely passing of John & Nick co-founder Nick Klinger. Nick died doing what he loved: participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS.

Nick is survived by his wife, Princess, and his dog, Florence. In lieu of flowers, please participate in the Ice Age Challenge, a new charity drive meant to raise awareness of the dangers of being on Facebook.

John and Princess hope you’ll join them in remembering Nick by listening to his favorite Green Day song, which is very appropriate for this solemn day.