Reconciling Divorce & Catholicism

We’re honored to hand today’s post over to Reverend Randy Dodge of Saint Brayden’s Parish in Romer, PA.

My children,

randydodgeBack when I was ordained, divorce wasn’t much of a problem — at least not compared to today. But now, the moral dilemmas of divorcing a Catholic marriage seem to dominate my day-to-day priestly life. So many parishioners seek me out and hope that I might offer some sort of solution: how can married Catholics separate and lead happy lives without insulting the sacred institution of Holy Matrimony? By the letter of the law, you cannot. Divorce is a sin.

But … after careful reflection, I believe I have come upon a solution that may blunt the impact of divorce on Catholic marriages while preserving the sanctity of a future, second marriage in the Church.

My message to engaged Catholics, as well as any Catholics who are unwed but plan to marry some day, is to save yourself. That’s right. Thou shalt not consummate thy first marriage. Consider this the new 11th Commandment. (We were overdue for another.)

Why? Well, to put it quite simply, you’re likely getting divorced. The numbers never lie, as Jesus told his apostles. With that in mind, let us treat the first marriage like the dry run it is. I understand that this can and will be frustrating, but I promise you, it will be worth it. Totally, totally worth it.

Jesus is watching you. Do not disappoint Him.

Reverend Randy Dodge