April Fools!

whoopee-cushion-1066-pHappy April Fools’ Day, everyone! We’re in the mood for a prank, but we don’t want to prank our dear readers.

John had the perfect solution: he decided to prank his landlord! Since it’s the first of the month, John’s rent is due. You’ll never believe what he decided to do with that! Here’s a rundown of the prank as it happens:

UPDATE 1 (8:45 am) Just wrote the check! Rent check for $1.99, made out to my landlord Donald Cash, but I wrote Donny Cassh instead! Memo line says April Fools!

UPDATE 2 (9:30 am) I usually mail it, but thought I should expedite things by hand-delivering it! Just put it in his mail slot. Added a mini-prank on top by ringing doorbell and running away!!!

UPDATE 3 (10:10 am) Donny just called. Said it was “very funny” but also requested I bring rest of rent over. Later asked me if I rang his doorbell. LOL.

UPDATE 4 (10:20 am) Started to write rent check, but decided to double down! Made it out to Donny Who Now? for a total of 36 cents. Memo line says It’s Still April Fools’ Day!

UPDATE 5 (11:00 am) Stopping at Toys ‘R’ Us for some marbles. Will explain why later!

UPDATE 5 (11:25 am) Dropped rent check off again! Afterward, poured hundreds of marbles across Donny’s stoop! Gonna be hilarious when he steps outside.

UPDATE 6 (1:05 pm) Donny called! He said the next rent check better come in full. He did not seem to think this one was as funny. I also don’t think he’s stepped outside yet, as there was no mention of marbles.

UPDATE 7 (3:30 pm) You’re not going to believe this: Donny stepped outside, slipped on something and broke his tailbone. He’s in the Emergency Room. I hope he’s all right.

UPDATE 8 (4:00 pm) I know this was supposed to be a fun prank, but I feel bad! What if he slipped on the marbles? Hoping it was something else, but I’m going to visit him at the hospital. Planning to bring him my full rent, some flowers, and a whoopie cushion … because it’s still April Fools’ Day, right? 🙂

UPDATE 9 (5:10 pm) At the hospital! Gift shop does not sell whoopie cushions. WTF?

UPDATE 10 (5:50 pm) Donny claims he’s evicting me. Pretty sure I’ve got an “April Fools!” coming my way later!

UPDATE 11 (6:30 pm) LOL! My apartment is posted on Craigslist. This is too funny. You’ve got to learn to take it if you’re gonna dish it out, I suppose!

UPDATE 12 (7:45 pm) Still waiting for Donny to pay off joke. Gonna go get some dinner at Taco Bell while I wait.

UPDATE 13 (8:40 pm) I can’t get into my apartment. Someone changed the locks. This is going a little too far, Donny.

UPDATE 14 (9:05 pm) Does anyone have a couch or bed they can spare tonight, or ideally for the next few nights? Not an April Fools joke. Please call or text if you do.