Sneakin down your alley way and knockin’ on your door [footnote]Setting up a very playful, prank-type song! Fun![/footnote]
Thought I had enough but I’m back for more [footnote]Our main character clearly has a taste for hijinks![/footnote]
Cinnamon, let me in [footnote]Clearly asking for a character named Cinnamon to let him in! This is an odd thing to do when trying to sneak prank someone, but I bet it pays off later.[/footnote]

Knock, knock, let me in, I won’t go away [footnote]This guy’s a regular Ashton Kutcher! He won’t give up on a prank.[/footnote]
I’m gonna see ya if it takes all day [footnote]This guy is dedicated.[/footnote]
Cinnamon, let me in [footnote]Clearly worried that Cinnamon has not heard him to this point.[/footnote]

She la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la la, la, la, la [footnote]Pretty sure this is the start of the prank. Probably will be clearer after a few more verses.[/footnote]
One potato two potato three potato, four [footnote]Seems to be a potato-based prank.[/footnote]
Open up, Cinnamon, I want more [footnote]Hold on, is Cinnamon the one doing the pranking?[/footnote]
Five potato, six potato, seven potato eight [footnote]So far we know of eight potatoes that exist in this song.[/footnote]
Give it to me, Cinnamon, I can’t wait [footnote]Ah, OK, so the titular Cinnamon has stolen the narrator’s potatoes. The prankee has become the pranker! Clever.[/footnote]

You can’t hide girl [footnote]Hmm. That sounds ominous.[/footnote]
I’m comin’ inside girl [footnote]Holy shit. Wait. This is a home invasion song.[/footnote]
Do what you want to [footnote]He’s saying that she won’t be able to put up a fight.[/footnote]
Baby I’ll let you [footnote]Yikes, he’s just rubbing it in. How was this a hit?[/footnote]
Might as well face it, Cinnamon, you know I’m gonna get ya [footnote]Clearly stating his intent to kill Cinnamon. This is premeditated.[/footnote]
She la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la la, la, la, la [footnote]The victim cries out.[/footnote]

[guitar solo] [footnote]Musical interpretation of the slasher setting about his work.[/footnote]
Cinnamon, Cinnamon, Cinnamon, Cinnamon [footnote]Killer mutters the name of his victim over and over again, in some sort of sick post-kill ritual.[/footnote]


Breaking Down “Cinnamon”