About Yesterday

PastFuture_iStockYou’re probably wondering where “The Breakfast Menu” is. We launched the project yesterday, only to learn that the experience was simply too much for the site and its framework. Yes, folks, you’re reading that correctly: “The Breakfast Menu” is so intense and revolutionary that it broke our web site. That image with an X is not the project; it’s our site collapsing under its power and breadth.

What does this mean for “The Breakfast Menu”? It means that we have to either compromise on the project, or re-build the entire site. The former choice would be the easy way out, but it’s clear that “The Breakfast Menu” deserves much more than the easy way out. It demands the best from us, and from you.

We’re currently receiving bids for a total overhaul of our web site’s design and content management system. We’ll be back soon with exciting news about our future, as well as when we anticipate being able to properly show you “The Breakfast Menu.”

Order’s up,
John and Nick

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