Update on “The Breakfast Menu”

updateHere’s the good news about the site and the status of “The Breakfast Menu”: we’ve found a design studio that has the appropriate accoutrement for “The Breakfast Menu,” and the future of JohnAndNick.com. In fact, they’re one and the same. As we’ll detail in a press release later this year, JohnAndNick.com is becoming TheBreakfastMenu.com. The project is consuming this entire site, and for the better.

The bad news? We don’t yet have funding to fulfill our bold new direction. While many of you have already come out of the woodwork to say that you want to support us and the site, we don’t want your money. We want JohnAndNick.com/TheBreakfastMenu.com to be free for all.

Thus, we’re beginning to meet with venture capitalists in Silicon Valley. We’re hoping to secure funding in time to still debut “The Breakfast Menu” in 2015. We’ll check in with an update once we’ve made such a connection.

John and Nick

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