Our First T-Shirt!

OBUTeeWe’re thrilled to announce that we’re selling our first ever t-shirt at Teespring.com! Your window to buy is between now and February 7th.

This inaugural shirt was created in honor of famed learning institution O’Brien University. OBU features a ton of great majors, as well as courses led by esteemed faculty members.

There’s no better way to show your FIGHTING ZEBRA pride than in this elegant OBU t-shirt, which is available in both men’s and women’s cuts.

Be sure to buy one — or two, or ten — today!

College Hoodie Season

We didn’t have any content ready for our usual Wednesday slot, so our good friend James Deegler offered to step up and write something for us. He last guest hosted the site in 2013. Take it away, James!

I love the Fall for its cool weather, as it allows me to break out my extensive collection of college hoodies. Now, I’ve never actually attended college. In fact, I’ve never left the city of Philadelphia. I managed to amass this collection courtesy of my Uncle Chuck, who would always send me these little gifts from his work trips. He was a university development consultant, and he’d never leave a campus without popping a hoodie and a note about the school to me in the mail.

As a tribute to him, I thought I’d share some of my favorites from the collection:


From Orgasm University. Purchased in July 2006.


From Asshole U. Purchased September 2009.


From Illuminati State University. Purchased earlier this year, shortly before his sudden and unexpected demise.


From Douche Community College. Purchased in August 2012.


From Virgin Christian University. (Fun fact: this is his ex-wife Aunt MaryAnne’s alma mater.) Purchased in December 2004.


From the University of No Homo. Purchased in April 2010.

If you see me walking the streets in one of these hoodies, feel free to give me a honk and a wave. It’s what Uncle Chuck would’ve wanted. That, and a drink.

James Deegler is the owner of the razor blade boutique A Cut Above at 4th and Sansom in Philadelphia.

The Adam Levine Collection

As many of you know, we here at Carroll und Klinger have a PASSION for FASHION. And let us tell you, there’s nothing the fashion world is talking about more than the new Adam Levine Collection at K-Mart. Finally, there are fashionable yet affordable clothing options available for men — and you can pick them up while buying your son a WWE Brawlin’ Buddy or buying your daughter some hair ties.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of our favorite pieces in Levine’s new collection:


This long-sleeve henley t-shirt will be all the rage at MLK parties in 2014. The shirt says, “It’s cold outside, baby. But Spring is just around the bend, baby. Yeah, I said baby twice.” Available exclusively in maroon.

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