Why I’m Never Shopping at Best Buy Again

Has anyone ever noticed that Best Buy has the worst return policy ever? I tried to return my 2011 Vizio TV there yesterday after accidentally chucking my Wiimote into the screen. They refused to replace it OR fix it! What the hell, Best Buy? I guess your Geek Squad isn’t so smart after all. I’m taking all future business to HHGregg.



Wii Did It!

We finally got a Nintendo Wii U. Hilarious, yet informative review coming soon! Sneak preview: this is a fun purchase that you won’t regret!



Vote for Mike Huckabee

We’re thrilled to announce our first-ever endorsement for president! After careful consideration, we’ve decided to back former Fox News host Mike Huckabee for the position. Why? Well, Mike isn’t just a politician; he’s a musician and an artist. We think he’ll make for the best candidate to support struggling artists like us.




Introducing Tabbouloo

Starting today, the content advertorial company Tabbouloo will begin sponsoring JohnAndNick.com. We felt the need to introduce this sponsor in our own words because it will change the face of advertising here on the site.

While we’re still accepting traditional sponsors — you know, the ones who place their pictures and brands on the site — we’re also incorporating Tabbouloo’s ads into our space. Tabbouloo brings great new content to your attention at the bottom of our posts. Thus, when you finish reading an entry, you can click through to other great material from across the Internet.

This is hardly even sponsorship. All Tabbouloo is trying to sell you is some fantastic articles, plus whatever ads may or may not appear with that outside content.

If you’re at all confused, please see a sample Tabbouloo spot below. You’ll begin seeing them on future posts here at the site soon!



The Bacon Way

Bacon Funeral Home is a loyal sponsor of our site. Thank them for their dedication by thinking of them first after the death of a loved one!