Herbs Only

Please stop seeking out spices at Herb Town. They only sell herbs. The ads are very clear.


And no, we cannot recommend a spice proprietor unless such a business wants to sponsor the site.

Visit Now, Dummy!

We’d like to thank Herb Town for their continued support, as well as beg them to re-up their stakes with us after their contract ends next week.


Seriously, y’all, you need to go visit Herb Town. If you don’t visit and tell them John and Nick sent you, there’s no way they can know they’re getting bang for their buck.

New Hours

We’re eternally grateful to Herb Town for their continued support.


Finally: Romer, PA has the 24-hour, 7-day-a-week herb emporium it truly deserves!

Everyone’s A Winner

We’re once again sponsored by the trustworthy team at CarLoansCam.com!


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