Yosemite Screencast

We’re handing over the keys to today’s post to Jerry Shashisky. Who is Jerry? Well, he’s our very tech wunderkind at JohnAndNick.com. He makes everything tick. And he was so excited by the changes in Apple’s new Yosemite operating system that he wanted to guide our viewers through some of the biggest changes. We hope you enjoy the screencast he made for you.

The Next OK Go Video

ok-go_69_814How can the creative dudes in OK Go top their most audacious video yet? We have some ideas we’d like to pitch:

  • Lay the music over footage of the 2008 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony.
  • A traditional performance video, but only ever released on Betamax.
  • Maybe a music video with a LOT of choreography; like really good choreography.
  • The guys are playing music in a blue room, and toward the end some dogs come running out.
  • Defrost Walt Disney and bring him back to life. He starts singing the song as his heart resumes beating.
  • Convince Barack Obama to declare war on North Korea. New single plays over first footage of bombs being dropped on Pyongyang.
  • “Here It Goes Again” sequel, but this time everybody’s on ellipticals!!!
  • What if it’s just a PowerPoint full of cat pictures? (Or: cats in sweaters?)
  • Re-create Pavement’s “Cut Your Hair” video shot-for-shot. Reunite Pavement to play the members of OK Go.
  • Video turns out to be a teaser trailer for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.
  • Film the band going over Niagara Falls, or into space (depending on budget).
  • Band lives in the Big Brother house; loop song 24/7 for the duration of their stay.
  • Hard to explain in print, but it’s a synchronized swimming / competitive eating hybrid.
  • The guys just play their instruments in costumes (e.g. hobo, pirate, sexy nurse), but we blindfold the editor.
  • The band delivers a baby. (On exercise equipment???)
  • Does anyone know Quentin Tarantino? He would be a huge get.
  • Make the video exactly 6 minutes and 8 seconds long, then release a new second of it every day for a year.